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"The Young Oscar Micheaux"
Written and Directed by J.D. Walker  

Hollywood, CA                                                
Saturday, December 14; 10:30am 

Delta's - Black Women Film Showcase       

Charlotte, NC                                                   

Friday, January 17, 2014; 6:30pm

San Diego Black Film Festival                       

Friday, January 31; 7:30pm

Texas Black Film Festival 

Thursday, February 20, 2014 

Charlotte Black Film Festival                                        Saturday, March 3; 10:00am

Sunday, June 15, 2014 ; 3:00pm
Yoshi's - Jazz Heritage Center
1320 Fillmore Street
San Francisco, CA 

About the Film

In 1918, Oscar Micheaux became the first independent Black director to write and produce a feature length film that was longer than three reels. His first moving picture, "The  Homesteader," was produced in 1918 and it was eight reels long. Oscar Micheaux was also the first independent Black director to successfully transition to talkies. During a span of nearly three decades, Micheaux produced over 40 feature length films and wrote over 7 novels. This biopic celebrates his life, achievements, and journey to get his feature films distributed in the racist south. Sundance pitching contest winner and Howard University alum, JD Walker, writes this historical drama about Oscar's journey from the bitter racist south up north to Chicago where he struggles to produce race movies for the people. 

Read What Scholars are Saying:

"Oscar Micheaux has long deserved a full biographical study. In producing a total of seven novels and over forty films during his long and successful career, his place in history is primarily secure as the first African American to produce feature length films."
--James McLaird, Professor of History 
   Dakota Wesleyan University 
"As a young man, Oscar Micheaux successfully bridged many worlds: black and white, urban and rural, upper and lower class, remote, cold northern prairie environment and warm, populous southern society. In bridging these worlds, often as as participant and always as an observer, Micheaux gained an understanding and developed a viewpoint that significantly influenced his personal philosophy and became a part of his books and films."
--Betti Carol Van Epps-Taylor
  Oscar Micheaux: Dakota Homesteader 

 WGA Registered.

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